Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan 25, 2013 Evening Update

5:08 PM: Light Snow Moving In

Over the last 1/2 hour, light snow showers quickly moved into the area from Pennsylvania; parts of the area are observing light to locally moderate snow, while others especially further north and NE are still cloudy with isolated snow showers. The relatively higher totals with today's storm were further south in the central Mid Atlantic region, with the area expected to get a few hours of light snow before the storm quickly moves out. Accumulations will remain under 1 inch for most, with locally higher totals up to 2 inches towards Long Island and south of NYC.

The next update will be posted tonight, discussing a freezing rain potential for Monday, a brief warm up with rain later next week, followed by a return to a colder pattern.

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  1. 1.25" of new snow in Babylon, Long Island


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